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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marlin's Mystery Box

We received a box at our office from Marlin Heckindorn. He managed a website for "What's Your Name?" before Sean started the movie and took over from there. Marlin tracked WYN's whereabouts online for all to see. When Marlin contacted us to see if we were interested in a "box of WYN stuff" left over from when he was running the website, we were eager to receive it.
The mystery box arrived and with great care we examined the contents. Enclosed were various newspaper clippings, press interviews and notes WYN made along his journeys. We admit we were hoping for an old robe, a lock of hair or an old prayer book, but what we discovered was just as interesting, including a letter from the Scranton Diocese, articles with photos of a "young" WYN (not the full beard) and "fan notes" from Pennsylvania to Michigan.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Update from Italy

Simone Fratini of the Biografilm Off Festival 2008 reported the screening of The Jesus Guy was "a great public success" as it was one of their "diamonds" at the festival.  The film was presented by Franco La Polla, one of the most important professors of literature and film at the Bologna University, and "influential film critic" around the world.  Approximately, 70 people attended the screening.  More details to come once the festival's press office completes their reviews and festival report.