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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Jesus Guy on TV

Last week, What's Your Name (The Jesus Guy) was on the Award-Winning Sam Lesante Show. The show is the #1 talk show in all of Northeastern Pennsylvania. What's Your Name discussed what he has been doing in the past two years since he was in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. He talks about his trip to Rome and the time he spent in the holy land during holy week. What's Your Name continues to evangelize but mainly in Tampa, Florida due to some health problems that are restricting him from walking as much as he used to. He hopes that his words can be spread through the help of Sean Tracey's film, The Jesus Guy.

What's Your Name also discusses with Sam Lesante why he decided to make a movie and how it came about. Sean Tracey read about What's Your Name in Time Magazine and thought he would be an interesting subject to make a documentary about. An interview was arranged in Pennsylvania and together they decided to make a film. Together they filmed for 7 years and recorded over ninety hours of footage to create the documentary you can see today. What's Your Name is very happy with the outcome because of its authenticity and rawness. He fells that Sean made a film that captures special moments between people and their reactions. The whole episode of the show can be seen at