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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Double Take in NJ

Yesterday we got a call from Gino who spotted "What's Your Name?" on the road in Hampton, NJ. Gino reported, "It's 95 degrees out and he's walking barefoot on hot pavement. How can anyone do that? He wouldn't accept shoes from me, nor take any money." Gino said he turned the car around after doing a double-take of the robed man on the side of the road. The sight of "What's Your Name?" totally took him off guard, Gino said, "I'm scratching my head!" He was also surprised that "What's Your Name?" was so clean despite his lifestyle of being on the road. "It's a miracle!" he concluded.
Gino gave "What's Your Name?" a ride to the St. Ann's Church in Asbury, NJ. Thanks, Gino, for calling in. Many followers of WYN's journey want updates and to learn where he is and ideas of where he might be headed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Others on a Spiritual Quest

If you live between Roanoke, VA and Washington D.C. you may have seen a group of six strangely familiar robed figures. No these are not Jesus Guy impostors, nor are they Jedi-wannabes on their way to a Star Wars convention. These men are Franciscan friars on a modern day quest for God.

For six weeks these brothers walked over 300 miles of Virginia’s country roads and highways with little more than the robes on their backs, the sandals on their feet, and a strong belief in the good of mankind. They survived by eating only when food was offered to them and sleeping under what shelter could be found. In exchange they offered wisdom, guidance, and conversation for whoever sought their council. Sound familiar? Those of you who’ve followed our film’s protagonist, "What’s Your Name?", and his journey will find this very familiar. The only difference; "What’s Your Name?" has been doing this for over 15 years now—pretty much non-stop.

The Washington Post reported, that after reaching their destination, a monastery near Catholic University, the Franciscan friars spent the day reminiscing about the journey, the goodness of man, and preaching their message; “Anything can happen when you live in the moment, one step at a time, but to find that out you have to be willing to take that one step.”

Read the whole article, “Friars Trudge 300 Miles and Find Kindred Souls on the Way” by William Wan, in The Washington Post.

Photo courtesy Marcus Yam- The Washington Post. To view the full photo gallery click here.

Trip to Italy postponed

There has been a change of plans pertaining to "What's Your Name's?" trip to Italy. His trip has been postponed until Oct. 2nd and will be flying out of Miami. His flight and ticket are confirmed and word has it he is very excited.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trip to Italy fast approaching

The time for "What's Your Name?" to begin his trip to Italy is fast approaching. In less than a week, hopefully without any serious delays, WYN should be in warm, sunny Italy preaching humble living and faith-driven discipline. How will he be received? Will he accomplish what he has set out to do there? Will he have an audience with the Pope? More to come... keep an eye out for him if you happen to be there!