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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cinderella Story of the Jesus Guy

A "Whats Your Name?" encounter in Mahanoy City, PA spawns plenty of questions with more answers than expected.

Seeing a white cloaked, barefooted man walking up a hill, Jesse, on his way home from Mahanoy City stopped to offer a lift to who he thought was "a nut". However, after some deep conversation he soon realized that the man, "Whats Your Name?" a.k.a. The Jesus Guy, is much more. "I really expected a load of crap, but in the end he answered all my questions." WYN was offered dinner and was brought to the Church in Allentown at 11th St. and Tilghman where he gave some advise on praying and received Jesse's phone number. Coincidentally enough, WYN left his sandal in Jesse's car, putting to use the suggestion to call if he needed anything! A near Cinderella story that shows how the world works in mysterious ways!

Tomorrow Jesse hopes to return the sandal to WYN and bring him back to the Church in Mahanoy City where Mother Theresa used to pray.