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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Watch the Trailer and Share your Thoughts

Based on the trailer, click here to watch it, what are your thoughts and impressions of the movie and the subject?


C said...

So, from the trailer I’m getting mixed feelings about this guy. He doesn’t seem humble, I feel like you can’t see the inspiration in his eyes. Any thoughts?

Nadika said...

In response to “C.”: I feel that since I’ve only seen the trailer, I’m not going to make a judgement until after I see the whole film. . . he seems like such a multi-dimensional character. Maybe there will be moments in the movie when he’s looking straight at the camera and we can see whether or not he has inspiration in his eyes. . .
(This is based on the trailer:) For someone who walks around with no shoes and a robe and has that particular message, I find his relationship with the media very interesting, maybe the movie will address this further. . .
Also, I’m wondering if he’d ever come to New England. . . .

J said...

Response to Nadika,and C. Personally I think that when we are wary of someone in some ways we have to look to ourselves and what is within us that makes us wary. Is it a warning? Is it something that has taken us out of our comfort zone? Is it simply trying to make sense of something that visually does not ‘fit in’ with what we expect to see? I think that you can only judge a person by their deeds, and their intentions behind their deeds. Revelations 22:12 ‘look, I am coming soon, and my reward is with me, to repay everyone as their deeds deserve”.
Love and Light. J.

C said...

I spoke to WYN the other day on the phone. What an interesting experience; it’s very strange speaking to someone so casually after reading so much about them. I’m still wary of this character.

Mandy said...

i love james he great he led me and my husband tyo christ and help us all along the way we love when we get to see him he still helps us hes suck a blessing i am from cullman and hes here alot more than other place but still not very offten i was wierded out by him first to but when you meet him you know hes bathed in the spirt of God he has showed us so much i dont know hwere i would be to day with out his help amd if you think hes crazy then i think its better to be crazy for jesus the smart to the world

Stanley Joseph said...

Hi Sean, (Hi Carl)
What you are doing is not something great but the most foolish thing possible my friend. This movie should mark the end of “thejesusguy”.
Let me have a word with carl first…Carl,
You have taken such a big leap of faith in doing all that you did, why did u then go the way of doctors??? where was your faith?? Analyse when some ailment stops you in path….why?…what caused it?…what will be the outcome of that?..that means ur immediate future.
My Friend you have been doing a great job and i see that you can sense light. Havent you realised yet that the only way knowledge/wisdom/truth about the mysteries can be shared is through direct mind and heart enagegment…in other words direct human contacts….by agreeing to this documentary and those doctor treatments you are showing that you are loosing light. What you share shouldnot be a audio or video image which can be shared and stored and REVERED….NO. Whats alive is missing in those documentary….your spirit…your soul. And moreover you will add ignorance in the minds of your followers and the new borns who will know you as a Film guy….or an actor….or a celebrity…and if they cling to those documentary…or image/video…they endup clinging to matter which is not allowed. No offenses carl, but you need to learn a lot before you start sharing the light…cause till now u have been sharing the honest intentions and pure faith….but without true knowledge or light…it may lead ur future to a TV/Film actor…or a mind that puts faith on doctors than on prayers or Father. In any case you will move from the path which you had set out for. the question you should be asking is…are you the role model for the new generation christian’s??? if not then why is ur past/present/future should be highlighted? I liked ur ways when u went roaming places and focused on the message that on yourself. Peace be with you my freind. I am looking forward to meeting you…..someday.
Sean ….Life is an experience of resurrection which everyone has to practice before they actually die….cause you never get a second chance. You intend to be recognised thats okie….but dont do it at the expense of Carl…i think he maybe forgiven…but not you my friend. Its gonna be difficult decision for you and others who worked to make it happen….i am just making you aware of a choice that Father has given you.
Its just my observation and it maybe wrong…….whatever i say is not going to make a diffrence….you shall sure walk the path whats already written for you. may the light be with you.
Stanley Joseph
P.s: just going through other responses on the page….i realised what a mess you are getting into. You have been taking angled shots of Carl…which makes him look like jesus….and the name u kept for the documentary…thejesusguy…..Carl…well i strongly believe that you are not a look alike…REFRAIN from accepting to be potrayed in that way too…you cannot assume the centerstage….its ur message that should take the centerstage….My friend, come back in light….Realise what the future is heading towards…realise the choice you have…

Sean Tracey, Director said...

Dear Stanley,
Thanks for your blog and interest in the film and the discussion. This is what we hoped for with the blog—some true discourse. I’ll let alone your comments made to the film’s subject, Carl (What’s Your Name?), noting that I do not agree with you. I’m curious, are you related to Carl?
Concerning your comments to me: I would never seek recognition through this film at the expense of anyone, certainly not What’s Your Name. I made this film with his complete cooperation. I, too, feel that I have been “called” to make this film. I did it without promise of compensation, bearing all expenses out of my own pocket. At every turn, I tried to make a “fair” film about this unique man—neither embellishing nor diminishing his character and accomplishments. I’m proud to have completed it, as it would have been much easier to abandon the project at many junctures.
I did not invent the title, The Jesus Guy, but instead used the name that most people use to refer to this man, and remember his as, when they talk about him to one another. I really see it more as “the guy who talks about Jesus all the time” than the way you are taking it (perhaps, “the guy who is imitating or portraying Jesus”). What’s Your Name is clear in the film that this is not his intent.
I hope you get to see the entire film at one of our upcoming screenings so you can better judge the net result of the picture in its entirety. Thanks again for your interest and comments.
Sean Tracey

Jessica said...

Wow! After seeing this trailer, I can’t wait to actually watch this documentary! I’ve heard so many great things from friends in Alabama who had went to the showing. It looks great, can’t wait to check it out!