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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spoke to "What's Your Name?"

I spoke with "What’s Your Name?" yesterday. We’re trying to set up a screening for him and some interested parties in the Birmingham, AL area and a Fox TV News segment/follow up on him and the debut of the film. He has not seen the finished movie yet, and I want to screen it with him in person if possible. We’re hoping to have the film screen at The Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Sept 28-30th in Birmingham, too. On another note, unfortunately, after his double knee surgery, WYN is not able to get around or walk much. This is really hampering his ability to evangelize. Let’s hope his mobility is regained.

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Synopsis said...

We’d like to thank all the friends and fans that have recently contacted us about the film! To the fans in the Birmingham area, we are eagerly awaiting the verdict from the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival as to if we are in the festival or not. If you would like to contact the festival and let them know you’d like to see it (it might help), the link to their website is below. They will be making the final decision any day now. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and continued support of the film!