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Monday, October 1, 2007

World Premiere at Sidewalk

The Jesus Guy had its World Premiere at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival on September 30, 2007 at 1:45pm at the Carver Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama. The screening was well attended, filling the theatre! And with "What's Your Name?" in attendance, it only drew more buzz. The Q&A and panel following the screening was great. Thank you, "What's Your Name?" for attending! Prior to the audience screening, "What's Your Name?" had his own private screening of the film as he had yet to see it. Overall the premiere was a huge success, complete with a TV segment on Fox 6 Evening News, an interview with the Starz network and "Wake Up Alabama" CBS host Alexa Jones as well as various morning radio show interviews. We enjoyed meeting other talented filmmakers and the amazing Sidewalk staff! Thank you for a great time and fabulous hospitality!
If you got to see the film, do share your thoughts with us!


Eddie said...

We [Birmingham, Alabama] viewed the film today. Very interesting how people filled in the “blanks” that he/Carl/James/TJG/WYN would hand them. He often served as a sort of “Mirror” for people to show themselves.
We got a chance to talk to him. He had his first and only [as he remained outside the theater during today] viewing of the film only yesterday. He told us that the film was very hard to watch … due to the responses of some of the people that had meet in his journey.
Interesting guy with a nice countenance. We wish him well.
me/Paul/Eddie/son/husband/brother/Tenzin Dawa/mrphysics/not knowing

Samantha said...

I had dinner with him tonight, and I have to say, he is an extraordinary individual! So humble and nice to talk to. The film was an unbiased portrayal of this ordinary man who is on an extraordinary mission and I commend the filmakers for allowing the audience to form their own opinions. Thanks so much for visiting the Birmingham area, and I know you will be back soon!

Nichalaus said...

Once again thank you so much for taking part in the SideTalk panel at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. I was so surprised to find out after the panel that my parents know who Whatsyourname is, and that they talk to him weekly at Church when he is in Cullman. I found this to be very exciting and interesting, and wanted to pass it along. I wish you much success in the future.
Thank you and Take care,