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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oxford Film Festival Screening

The Jesus Guy screened at the 5th Annual Oxford Film Festival on Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 4:00pm at the Malco Oxford Studio Cinema at 1111 Jackson Ave. W in Oxford, MS. Director, Sean Tracey, attended! The film received "#1 Top Buzz" for the festival (before the screening) according to the B-Side (website administrator).

Comments from the director:
It’s been a couple weeks since I returned from the Oxford FF. We had another great screening. This time in a brand new multiplex with Dolby Sound, a huge screen, and stadium seating. We had a great audience, too. It’s fascinating to see people in different theaters, different cities, states, etc., all have the same reactions at the same moments in the film. Better yet, they’re the reactions I had hoped for. Laughs when I expected them, and suspicion-detecting “hummmms???” when they should occur.
I saw a couple of other great documentaries, including “The Devil Rides on Horseback” and “Nobody”. I met the directors of Nobody and hope to share info about distribution and theatrical release. Unfortunately, What’s Your Name could not make it to the festival.
Oxford is an enigma on it’s own. So beautiful, quite upscale, classic Southern looking town square. The disconnect is every Thursday-Saturday night when shuttle busses full of University of Mississippi kids funnel into the town to drink themselves silly.
By midnight, the streets are strewn with staggering frat boys and coed girls sitting (or laying prone) on the sidewalks because they’re so drunk they can’t walk in their high heels. Yes…they get decked out in expensive little cocktail dresses to drink beer! (There’s a documentary film waiting to be made here.)
The film is on to screenings at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, the Connecticut Film Festival, and St. Anselm’s College (”Best of the Best of the NH Film Festival” night), all in March. More later. Thanks for checking in.


Dan Law said...

I just want to say thanks to “what’s your name” for walking barefoot in a white robe. It means a lot to anyone. Just keep doing it.
PS: never met you.

Donna Ruth Roberts said...

I enjoyed seeing The Jesus Man at our Oxford Film Festival. I was impressed by the fact that Sean presented this man as a multifaceted man so that we could each make our own determinations as to our opinion of him. I hope to see more productions from Sean in the future.