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Monday, July 14, 2008

"What's Your Name?" is on the move!

Reporter, Angela Lackey of the Midland Daily News has spotted "What's Your Name?" in Midland, Michigan this past week. To see her full article click here or to read her blog about her encounter with "What's Your Name?" click here. "What's Your Name?" is now on his way to Bay City and then on to Toledo. If you spot him, please keep us posted. Ask him to call us!

Doug Harris, front, of Midland, talks to a missionary known only as "What's Your Name?" Thursday morning on Ashman in Midland. "What's Your Name?" has been traveling the country for more than 17 years, sacrificing all his worldly possessions to live as Jesus and his disciples once did. "What's Your Name?" who resembles Jesus, does not claim to be him. He only intends to travel the world spreading the message of Jesus to others. (Daily News/NATHAN MORGAN)


N. said...

Great to hear that James is out and about, spreading the Good News. I wish him an enjoyable time with his family and also a safe and healthy journey. God bless you, James! +++ N.

Anonymous said...

I liked the movie a lot, the jesus guy was probably a dozen shades lighter in skin color than jesus, but he seemed like a cool guy that you would let crash on your couch anytime. Good documentary, but could have done without the bible verses. Actually it would be better if the jesus guy didn't subscribe to any religous faith whatsoever.