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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coincidence or a Divine Hand at Work?

Making a few pit stops before his trip to Italy, below is an encounter with a recent sighting of "What's Your Name?" and his profound impact on a family's life.

[Click here to read the story]

Thank you Sean from Harleigh, PA for sharing this amazing story!

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N. said...

Sean, you have stated simply and beautifully what can happen in the human heart when one allows it to be OPEN to RECEIVE the good things that God can bestow - ordinary things become extraordinary if we just take that leap of faith and commit to seeing things from a different perspective: God's.

Isn't it WONDERFUL that a man who wears a white robe and walks barefoot has chosen a particular way of life in order to bring people closer to God?

You have set a wonderful example for your family. God bless you for sharing your story!

P.S. The rosary works wonders - very powerful! Don't ever stop praying it.