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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Double Take in NJ

Yesterday we got a call from Gino who spotted "What's Your Name?" on the road in Hampton, NJ. Gino reported, "It's 95 degrees out and he's walking barefoot on hot pavement. How can anyone do that? He wouldn't accept shoes from me, nor take any money." Gino said he turned the car around after doing a double-take of the robed man on the side of the road. The sight of "What's Your Name?" totally took him off guard, Gino said, "I'm scratching my head!" He was also surprised that "What's Your Name?" was so clean despite his lifestyle of being on the road. "It's a miracle!" he concluded.
Gino gave "What's Your Name?" a ride to the St. Ann's Church in Asbury, NJ. Thanks, Gino, for calling in. Many followers of WYN's journey want updates and to learn where he is and ideas of where he might be headed.


Rabbi_K said...

Well...I met the man; and, as with most of you, I love him. He is a brother-in-the-Lord. I've been a Jewish Believer in Yeshua (Jesus, our Jewish Messiah) for years now, so to see someone walking the streets barefooted and dressed as they did during Yeshua's time, I immediately turned the car around and made my acquaintance with the brother. Often times we hear of people who get out there and minister in the streets, but rarely do we find someone who is willing to step away from the comforts of this world and dedicate their lives to being on the streets ministering to those who need to know the Lord. I'm looking forward to breaking bread with WYN one night this week.

Darin said...

My first impression of a man dressed in a long white robe with bare feet covered in dirt and long hair is the epitome of what my impression of Jesus would be if he were to walk up my driveway one day. I was so shocked to experience such a scene at my own house. My parents, being the good catholics that they are, offered him hospitality right away. My mother saw his random appearance as a sign from God himself--something that she has needed in such sufferable times.

Basically, he's in my house preaching as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Darin.

Anonymous said...

I know this man takes shelter tonight at my brothers home, I hope he helps brings peace to this family, for they are in very troubleing times. I know god has a way of interven, so I surly hope this is their time with him for the peace they seek. Help them with their struggles, and show them the way, for your just what has been ordered for them. Amen

Jesse Roman said...

I miss my friend WYN. If anyone sees him tell him Jesse from Mahanoy City PA says hello. He is truly a great person!