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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preaching at New Heights

Morten from Norway shared with us how he met "What's Your Name?" on a plane ride from Mexico City to Frankfurt, Germany earlier this month. We suspect that his plane ride was one of the legs of "What's Your Name?"s trip to Italy. Morten said WYN was a "very interesting guy, I enjoyed his company. He told me about the film."

Thanks Morten, we hope you enjoy the DVD.


Cornelius said...

I am on vacation in Europe and was very surprised to meet up with him a few minutes ago, walking over a bridge in Ariccia, Italy. We had a long conversation about the Church and the faith. He is a facinating individual and is a true follower of Christ. I have seen him many times walking down the streets of Cullman Alabama where I live.
Mike Mullaney

jerry said...

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