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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"It's weird. I have a picture of What's His Name that I took years ago when he was in Philadelphia. I was scanning it to put it on my Mom's computer for her screensaver. I decided to google him and see if he was still around. That is how I came across your website. I decided to put it on my Facebook page because I liked him and thought maybe others might be interested in hearing about this movie. Of course, there are people who like him and those who think he is a kook and don't you know the first comment I get is from someone who thinks he is a real nut. Oh well, that's what makes the world go round, we are all different. Anyway, thank you for your work in getting this movie out. I am sure our family will enjoy it."
-An email from a Jesus Guy Enthusiast


Anonymous said...

The problem I have is in the documentary it shows none of his works. It only shows the publicity he received and the ones who supported him along his journey. This man traveled the world at the expense of others and yet what good works has he done? Did he give of himself in return for all the things that were given to him. Did he do yard work, did he help others in any way. Did he offer assistance to the elderly. What did he offer in return for the sacrifices others made on his behalf?
To be honest with you all this has shown me is that a person dressed in a robe carrying a bible can live and travel the world off the good will of others, without offering anything in return except a few choice words at the right time. And some wonder why there is controversy over this persons journey? Where is his good works?

Anonymous said...

What work have you done for others in your life besides judge and thrown fault at them? You are a huge hypocrite!