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Monday, March 17, 2008

Harvard University Divinity School Screening

What can you say when a 66-minute movie is followed by a 2-hour Question & Answer session?
Fantastic! That's what happened recently when The Jesus Guy screened at Harvard Divinity School to an enthusiastic audience of religious scholars, students, and clergy. We had to shut down the questions, because they just wouldn't stop. The audience's questions were thoughtful, incisive, deeply probing—what I had hoped for from Harvard. For me, being invited to screen at the Divinity School (see HDS link above) legitimizes the film. We've had great success and reviews from film festival audiences, but I wouldn't expect them to be as critical as the Harvard group. This cross-denominational group, it seemed from the Q&A, was surprised at the depth of the film and its subject, and was very curious to learn more about "What's Your Name's?" beliefs and background. We had a similar experience with an early screening with the Bishop and clergy from the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. At this event, the questions went well into the night and some clergy commented that they "lost sleep" over issues that this film and WYN's life illuminated, including what commitments and sacrifices they had/had not made for their own mission and the relatively comfortable lifestyle they had as priests. Thanks, Harvard!

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Stephen Helfer said...

I saw the movie last night at the Harvard Divinity
School and did not know what to expect of the man depicted or the tone of his depiction. If anything I thought it would be a debunking.
The man depicted was interesting and intelligent and, although obviously idiosyncratic, appeared sincere. The movie itself was both sympathetic and objective at the same time.