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Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Reviews

The Jesus Guy continues to receive great reviews.

MovieMaker Magazine by Melissa Rose Kimbler, features Sean Tracey as a first-time director. Click here.

Indie Express by Shane Morton, click here.
" I found myself strangely admiring this person who seemed to transcend human emotion, fear and needs. Then, the film became truly fascinating. Sean Tracey found the chink in the subjects finely tuned armor. His hidden humanity."

Arkansas Democrat Gazette by Philip Martin, click here.
There is an audio file of part of the interview, as well.
"Ultimately The Jesus Guy gives us an opportunity to examine our convictions and beliefs. "What’s Your Name?" is confounding because he’s obviously not a run-of-the-mill Jesus guy. He talks the talk, he walks the walk. In the end it may be that his example is more important than any of the soothing platitudes he utters. You can question his efficacy, but not his commitment."

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A-Granny-3 said...

James does make sure that people know that he is not and does not claim to be Jesus. My husband & I have had him in our home on two occasions for lunch and he attended church service. Our pastor who is well known and over 5,000 + congregation knew of him but had never met him. He spoke with him breifly then during service introduced him to the congregation and shared of his journeys had him share an experience he had just had in Mexico.
James plainly and simply LOVES THE WORD AND BELIEVES IN THE TEACHING OF JESUS. Not only does he love the word and Jesus his desire is for all to know Jesus and experience the TRUE LOVE THAT JESUS HAS FOR ALL. Take this for what it is worth this is coming from a Granny that is in love with Jesus and supports everyones right to be themselves but in doing that I want them to know Jesus and the love He has for Them and the purpose of Jesus death on the cross.