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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tampa Sighting

Comment posted 1/11/10 on The Jesus Guy's YouTube Trailer page:

"I talked to this guy on Saturday. Currently he is in Tampa, Florida. He is not a bum or crazy in the head, he doesn't call himself "Jesus". He calls himself James and he is actually like a priest in the words that he says to people. He is a nice person and has no anger in him at all. His clothes are pure white, his teeth are clean, and he looks like he takes a shower every day, which ultimately means that he is not a bum. His clothes are to symbolize that he is a preacher and a follower of God. What I am trying to say is to not discriminate against him."
Thank you "Soulcapta678"


ScottandStephanie said...

My husband had been comming home for weeks telling me how he has been seeing Jesus walking the road. I finally said-well--did you offer him a ride? So on January 1st 2010 that is exactly what he did. Scott passed "The Jesus Guy" on Northdale Road in Tampa, turned and offered "The Jesus Guy" a ride. He spent time speaking with my husband about why he is doing what he does and where he has traveled, prayed with him and went to church.
Scott came home and was excited to tell me about it. It isn't everyday or every year it starts with such an experience but I know it was a privelage to have spent time with such a man.

mahlichai said...

I saw him about 30 minutes ago crossing North Dale Mabry on Stall. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Weds., 1/27/2010 2:00PM TWELVE YEARS AGO, I lived in Pennsylvania and read a newspaper article about "What's Your Name" who had mysteriously appeared in Hazelton, PA. I was so moved that I saved that article to this very day. I now live in Tampa, FL and at Christmas 2009, I saw a man dressed like Jesus at St. Paul's Church on Dale Mabry in Tampa. After seeing him for a couple of weeks, I questioned him. He introduced himself as "James" and said he had given up his worldly possessions. I commented that I read about someone like him years ago in PA and to my surprise, I learned that it was him! Over a few weeks, I asked him several spiritual questions which he answered as if he was having a conversation with a friend. He refused the $20 I tried to give him. I pressed on saying, "Maybe you can just give it to someone in need." He replied, "Well, YOU can do that!" :-) I asked if there was anything he needed and he replied, "Prayers". I told him I planned to leave a comment on this website and asked if there was anything he wanted to tell people. He said "I love you.". I felt at peace after speaking with him. I believe he is sincere. I feel sad now because my co-worker said he just saw him walking on Kennedy Blvd heading east. I hope he is not leaving town. You always think you have more time, don't you? God Bless You, James, and peace to all who come along his path. Tomorrow, President Obama and V.P. Biden will be in Tampa on Kennedy Blvd. I wonder....
(Daniel Mack, Tampa, FL)

Anonymous said...

The Sam Lesante Show

Mr. Lesante asks James:
>Why do you dress the way you do?
>What happened in your life to cause you to start this mission?
>How do you exist when you come into an area?
>How do you react with those who are bitter about the Church?
>Why are some people or clergy nervous or negative about your mission?
>How are you affected by those who say you're not officially sanctioned by the Church?
>Where do you see yourself going?
>What is your message to our viewers?

Now I will buy Mr. Tracey's DVD!