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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Walking With WYN

"I recently met James "the jesus guy" in Vero Beach Florida, and i got some fantastic photos of him.

So today i was killing a hour before i had to pick my father up from a meeting and i saw a man who looked like Jesus walking down a major road bare foot, so having my camera on me i instantly turned around and snapped some shots of him while he was walking. I then decided to get out of the car and talk to him, i talked to him for almost a hour and even walked about a mile with him as he was heading to Tampa.

He never once pressed Religion on me, he asked about my beliefs but never went further than that, i then brought it up later on. He was the most warmhearted man i have ever met in my life and if anyone ever sees him, i really think you should take the time to talk to him.

I am not a very religious person and its a rather hot topic with me, but after speaking with him i feel my spiritual beliefs have become more open.


Thanks Cameron for sharing your story and your photos!


Anonymous said...

Photos are wonderful! You managed to capture his spirit very well.

Anonymous said...

I just met James this afternoon around 3pm. Nice guy. We talked and prayed.

Kevin said...

James spent some time on Saturday, November 20th at the church I attend in Land O'Lakes, Florida. He joined our meeting, prayed with us, and shared in our formation by watching a DVD about the spiritual life of Therese of Lisieux. He shared many heartfelt, wise and love filled insights on some Bible readings and on the lives of people who have followed the Gospel. James' trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit is very refreshing and eye opening for me. He is in my prayers, as is the success of his mission and purpose here. I feel very thankful and blessed that James Joseph happened to come to our church and some of us got to meet and share with him.

Anonymous said...

The staff at Bethany Center, A Catholic Retreat Center in Lutz, Florida, has been blessed to meet and speak with James. He has come several times to spend personal time in our Saint James Chapel. He is a very nice man and is always welcome at our center.

Sean Tracey Associates said...

We agree that these are some of the best, most telling photos we've seen of The Jesus Guy. Thanks for sending them. He must have enjoyed your company!

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