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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Director's Recap from Ozark Foothills FilmFest

Click here for the story in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Ozark Foothills is a great little film fest with great big heart!
Bob and Judy Pest have put together a fantastic venue (the Independence Hall Auditorium) and a great group of people to see an artfully-selected group of films. Bob Pest has been involved and on the Board of Directors of some other fine festivals (Indie Memphis, Hot Springs, PBS, etc.), so when he gets behind a film and programs it, you can be sure it's worth the watching. Bob is passionate about film and supporting the filmmakers. He knew my film and understood its meaning and message as well as anyone who's seen it. Thanks for paying attention, Bob!

During this trip, I especially enjoyed the time I got to spend meeting Chris Eska (writer/director) and Jason Wehling (producer), of August Evening, this year's Cassavetes Award Winner at the Indie Spirit Awards. Chris and I were picked up and dropped off at the airport together (going our separate ways to the East and West Coasts), and had much time to talk about indie distribution, festivals, and filmmaking in general. On the way, we saw the areas flooded out by the Mississippi and the White Rivers. Just a few weeks earlier, on a trip via Memphis to the Oxford Film Fest, I saw the ravages of the tornadoes that passed thru just days earlier. If The Jesus Guy is scheduled to air in your town, better watch the weather!
Sean Tracey, Chris Eska, Jason Wehling
Photo by Keith Sturch

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