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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News from the LA United Film Festival

The Jesus Guy premiered in Beverly Hills at the LA United Film Festival on April 20th.  The film was in good company, with a roster of award-winning films and documentaries...some that played with The Jesus Guy at other festivals.  I finally got to see Darius Goes West, which I highly recommend, now available on DVD at  Jason Connell's fun film, Strictly Background,  also played, and is one of my favorites from the festival circuit that I've seen. 
The LA festival kicked off with a great party at the Gibson Guitar Museum and showroom, with a live performance from one of the festival film's subjects, Larry Pierce, from Dirty Country,  Let's just say it wasn't politically correct, but it was hilarious.  
Perhaps the best part of the festival in LA is that a lot of my friends, who have moved there to pursue careers in commercials and movies showed up to support the movie. actor/writer, 
Brian Connors, producer/writer, 
Kim Reeves, singer/songwriter, Kelly Slattery, art director Rob Engel, actress, Lea Renay-Contarino, 
Jim & Tamra Meskimen, 
found at: to all for coming!

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Jim said...

Sean, it was so cool to see you, and to also see The Jesus Guy, which hit me right where I live. I thought you picked an excellent subject and presented it in a clear, even handed and entertaining way. Thanks for that, and for finding me again and letting me know about the screening. Tamra and I talked about it, and then I told everyone at work... really good.
The most compelling parts for me were the reactions of the Romans... I mean, the cops, and the reactions of the Catholic hierarchy who were so distrusting of this guy, who seemed to personify everything they ostensibly stand for! Wonderful the way you were able to show that, without it becoming crass and overblown... you truly allow, as a good documentatian, the audience to see and judge for themselves, and have their own realizations.
Some documentaries are more heavy handed and bully you, in a way, into feeling good or bad about something or somebody; your film was one where I felt comfortable in analyzing the information and coming up with a bright view about it, that I could credit as an increase in my understanding. Very tricky, but you did it.
I'm not surprised, of course, because I know what a sensitive and thoughtful guy you are, and what a good-hearted and fair guy you are.
Honestly, you will hear this alot, I'm sure, but the film is really unforgettable; it is so rare and unique a story, that I'm sure I will be considering it for the rest of my life. How about that?!
Anyway, so great to see you and let's stay in touch. Let me know when you come out here again.
All the best,