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Monday, April 7, 2008

Private Screening at Seacoast Academy

At 8am Monday morning, in lieu of their normal chapel service, Seacoast Academy (private middle school in the NH Seacoast area) screened The Jesus Guy with a Q&A following. Scott Votey, Head of School, invited Sean to screen the film because Scott believed that the documentary and having Sean there to answer questions about the subject and about filmmaking would be a value to the students. Sean is also a Trustee of the Academy and has been a part of it since the very first "visioning" meeting in 2002. It was a pleasure to have a private screening of The Jesus Guy at the school. The students asked pointed questions about the life and philosophy of the barefoot evangelist and they were very curious and smart about the filmmaking process.


Emmie said...


This movie shows the never (yet) ending quest of one man how is known to all as * The Question * as we watched the movie and the bird trying to get in the window(s)we found out a little about this man who is now going by the name of James Jonson, JJ is not like you and me he has no cell phone(gasp) and only carries around a book of prayer, not to mention he walks around barefoot, in New England in the rain and snow and hot summer days. This is one of the only movies that i have seen and just said oh my gosh we don't need every thing that we think we do. This means allot coming from the biggest fashion freak, drama queen type of person. over all this movie has changed how i look at any person of a different culture,race and by how they dress. My life has been changed forever thanks to this
film. And i think that it would be amazing if people everywhere could see this movie so if there is anybody from PBS or any small or big TV stations reading this you have to get the word out about it.
Thank You,
Katie. W.
If * The Question * is reading this could you please walk up to New Hampshire and come to talk to our wonderful school :)
Thanks 4 Your time

Jota DE said...

It was a great movie and it really made me question how much I really need. Very well done!
Jota De