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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day in Fort Pierce

I live and work in Fort Pierce, Florida. I work at St. Anastasia Church and James was at Mass this morning and talked to the children (we have a school) about trusting God. It was a special Veteran's Day Mass so the church was packed. I talked to him for awhile. He is so cool. A couple of teachers were concerned for the children, so they called the cops. After questioning him for a while, they finally left. His feet are amazingly good after walking all over the world barefoot. He has a TOTAL trust in God. We all asked him to pray for us. And we in turn will pray for him. Thanks. I can't wait to get the documentary about him.
God bless, Darlene

Thanks Darlene for contacting us and sharing your story. It's great to hear where "What's Your Name?" is, what he is up to and how he touches people.


sailorciv said...

I was Driving home about 9:30pm from Vero Beach Fl. on Kings Hwy When I noticed a man walking down the road. Now anyone who has been down Kings Hwy knows that it is Pitch black and desolent. I was with My wife and a room mate who had also noticed this man waking in full length white robes and barefoot. HOnestly I had to turn around about a mile down the road to take another look and make sure that what we thought we saw we actualy did. It was not until today did I find out about this mans endevour. Now I am not a follower of the chrisian faith, but I am inspired by his faith not only to his higher power, but his faith in mankind. I feel that we can all learn from his journy.

bigislandsoil said...

He said "the truth will find you" and the next day i had a vision that changed my life. During that vision a voice said truth is love. I hope to embrass the kinship i felt for the weeks to follow after our encounter 12 years ago in Media,PA. Thanks brother much love